Choosing a probiotic.

Posted by Kerry Dickenson on

The symbiosis of our biome is the main thing that determines whether we are sick or well, as it was designed to create and constantly reinforce our immune system. Therefore, it is crucial to replace bacteria that has been removed from our environment with a probiotic. Therefore, you’ll want to look for certain indicators to see if they deliver on that promise.

But, we need to be smart about which probiotics to use. When we shop for probiotics, we would do well to remember 2 key things when choosing the best one:

1) whether the packaging shields the living microbes, ensuring a longer shelf life;

2) how long it takes for the product to travel from manufacturer to you (is it factory direct).

Here’s why…

1)      Is it vacuum sealed?

There are a few methods out there, but vacuum sealing is the best solution because it is the most effective at keeping the live microbes safe by preventing the air from coming in. A vacuum seal keeps out the air. Air causes contamination, which kills off the living CFUs (colony forming units). A vacuum seal also eliminates other contaminating factors such as heat and moisture. Light is another bug-a-boo. So, be sure that the bottle is opaque. It is best if it is amber or black glass, so that UV light cannot get into the living microbes.

2)      Is it factory direct?

However you like to shop, online or at a local health food store, there are some ways in which you can be an educated consumer when choosing a probiotic.

While most probiotics will promise a lasting potency at the time of manufacturing, the real test is their guarantee throughout their entire shelf life.

To ensure that you are getting the most potent probiotic, hence living and efficacious, the question you’ll want to ask is whether the probiotics will be delivered factory direct or not.  Factory direct delivery means that the product does not waste away in the back of big box store before it gets home to you. You can find factory direct probiotics at one such wholesaler